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TPO roofing has become a relatively popular option, especially among commercial buildings. There are several advantages that these roofing systems offer. Many companies also offer TPO roofing in Chicago – including Trekroofing, specialists who have been serving the local area for the past 15 years. 

At Trekroofing, we have hands-on experience in working with TPO roofing systems. We consider ourselves experts in the field and can help our clients achieve various results due to the experience that we have built up over the years. 

Trekroofing is a family-owned business. We put values first and believe that our customers should have a pleasant experience when they make use of our services. We also have a team of highly skilled and qualified roofing experts, which help us deliver a more professional service to each and every customer who comes to us.





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What Is TPO Roofing?

TPO roofing is often considered one of the most energy-efficient roofing solutions that are available. This is a low-slope roofing system. TPO refers to thermoplastic. This is a type of material that is best known for its durability. The material is also known to be sturdy and is generally made from high-quality materials.

TPO roofing is quite different from some of the more traditional roof solutions that you might be used to – and the benefits are truly significant. Thermoplastic generally contains membranes that combine two materials. These two materials include ethylene-propylene rubber and polypropylene. A special blend of these polymers is mixed together in order to produce the thermoplastic material used in these roofing solutions.

Some types of TPO roofing systems contain additional ingredients. These can be useful for some specific types of buildings.

Examples of additional materials that may be added to a proprietary blend when thermoplastic is produced include:

  • Flame-retardant ingredients may be added to help reduce the risk of fires starting in the building.
  • Pigments may be added to help a commercial client achieve a specific color in their roofing solution.
  • UV absorbers are sometimes added. This can help to absorb UV rays from the sun. It is a great way to assist with the temperature regulation inside the building.

Most of the TPO membranes used in commercial settings are white. The white color is chosen due to the reflective capabilities of the material. It helps to reduce the risk of overheating the building during the summer months. This is not the only color options that are available today, however.

Companies can choose a color option that may be suitable for their branding. Some companies prefer a specific color due to aesthetic purposes. Others are happy with the standard white color option.

TPO roofing is known to be a lightweight solution as well, even though sturdy and durable. This makes the process of installing the roofing solution more convenient.