Roofing in
Naperville, IL

The roof is a very important part of a building. For both commercial and residential buildings, the roof is an important part of keeping the elements outside, protecting whatever is inside from snow, rain, wind, and sun. Roofs also act as insulating components, helping keep a building warm or cool in the summer and winter, respectively.

Although roofs cannot last forever, we can extend their lifespans by doing proper and regular maintenance. Proper and regular maintenance is one of the reasons why people look for roofing experts in Northbrook, IL. Trekroofing provides professional roofing services in Northbrook. We have over 15 years of experience in the roofing business and because we are a family business, our mission is to deliver professional roofing services affordably in accordance with our values.  

We offer an extensive range of professional roofing services and solutions to both residential and commercial customers. Our prices are also very competitive, averaging 10% less than what our competitors quote in Northbrook, IL.

Trekroofing Services

Because we know our customers require a range of roofing solutions, we have a wide selection of roofing services to satisfy our customer’s needs. From installing new roofs to repairing your existing roof, our services are tailored to fit perfectly with your project’s requirements.







Roof Repair Services

As a professional roofing provider in Northbrook, IL, Trekroofing is an expert in the repair of different types of roofs. Any roof installed on a commercial or residential property is considered an investment and that investment is endangered if the roof is not well maintained. When it is not, several problems can rear their heads.

A common problem with roofs is holes appearing on them. Holes develop on many roofs as the years pass. The main culprit is high-velocity winds. These winds can make some of the parts of the roof move from their original positions and this leaves gaps and openings. In many cases, these holes and gaps are tiny and only cause leaks. Sometimes, the holes and openings are large enough to cause a lot of water leakage or cause the insulation to develop issues that might be costly to fix.

As a professional roofing company in Northbrook, IL, Trekroofing is fully equipped to deal with and repair all common roof problems. In addition to fixing any holes on your roof, our roofing experts can also seal leaks on your roof. By doing so, we can eliminate the problems that come with water leakage in your house or building. Repairing the holes on your roof also restores its insulating properties which helps your house stay warm in colder weather. This is because fixing the holes prevents cold winds from blowing into your home, building, or property.

Our experts can also handle the repair of different roofing systems on both commercial and residential properties and buildings. Our experts can carry out inspections to identify any problems with your roof and choose the repair option that is most appropriate for your situation. We also handle the loss of granules, gutter repair, shrinkage, and other kinds of roof damage.

How We Work

We know that roof installation, maintenance and repair can be tiring for our clients. For this reason, we strive to ensure the princess is simple and convenient for all customers who request our services. Being a family-owned business that has been providing roof repair services for over a decade and a half, we are guided by our values that include being honest and transparent in our pricing for all our customers.

Before we begin work, we take a close look at all projects so our experts can lay out what is required to complete a project. We have also developed a simple process that explains how we handle projects. By following these steps, you can get your new roof installed or your old roof repaired quickly and professionally by Trekroofing’s team of roofing experts.

  1. The first thing you need to do is get in touch with us and ask for a consultation. Once this is done, one of our experts will visit your property, be it a residential or commercial building; they will ask several questions after which they will inspect the roof.
  2. Depending on the services you need and tasks to be completed, we will send you a quotation for all the roofing services you need. We will also give you some time to review the quotation.
  3. If you accept the quotation, we will furnish you with details telling you how we wish to start the project. Before the project commences, we may require a down payment.
  4. Once all the details have been worked out, we will send out our team of roofing contractors in Northbrook to start on the repairs or roof installation. Our experts work quickly and efficiently to ensure minimum disruption and downtime.