Roofing in
Naperville, IL

When was the last time you thought about the roof on your home or commercial premises? Unless you have had to deal with a leak or similar issue, probably not recently. Yet a roof is the most important structure on any building. It shelters the structure from bad weather and helps us to regulate the internal temperature. If a roof is in poor condition, the rest of the building will suffer from related problems, such as damp and other types of structural degradation. 

Here at TrekRoofing in Naperville, IL, we understand the importance of taking good care of your roof. We recommend regular roof inspections and quick repairs carried out by an experienced roofer in Naperville if you want your roof to last as long as possible. Otherwise, you risk being left with a sub-standard roof that is falling apart. 

We offer all the services you need to keep your residential or commercial roof in tip-top condition. Trekroofing is a family-owned and run business. We have built an outstanding reputation in the Naperville, IL area and can provide lots of positive customer testimonials. Just give us a call and find out more about what we can do!

Trekroofing Services

The experts at TrekRoofing have been working with residential and commercial customers for more than a decade now. We are experts on a wide range of roofing solutions, so whatever type of roof you have on your home or commercial property, we can help.

Below is a summary of the roofing services we provide for customers in the Naperville, IL, area. We are confident that we can handle whatever roofing problem you have, but the three main services we offer are as follows:







Roof Repair Services

Roof repairs are the main area we cover, as roofs often need minor repairs after bad storms hit the Naperville area. The good news is that whatever problem you have with your roof, TrekRoofing is here to help.

It’s best not to wait too long if you have a roof repair. A badly damaged roof will let rain and wind inside the building, which will cause numerous problems if ignored. These include damp, timber rot, and damaged stock if this is a commercial property.

Even minor issues will get worse as time goes on, which is another reason not to ignore your roof repairs for more than a few days. The good news is that TrekRoofing is available to fix your roof, whatever time of year the problem occurs!

We can handle small repairs such as holes, cracks, missing or slipped shingles quickly and economically. We can also deal with more serious repairs, such as if a tree has fallen on your roof or it has been partially ripped off in strong winds. All you need to do is give us a call and one of the experts from TrekRoofing will come out and take a look.

Emergency repairs are not a problem either. We recognize that some repairs will be more urgent than others, and whereas a few slipped shingles can sometimes wait a day or two, a gaping hole in the roof of a commercial or residential property needs addressing immediately.

If you have a roofing emergency, contact us at any time of the day or night and we’ll be on-site to sort out the problem.

How TrekRoofing Works

Working with TrekRoofing in Naperville, IL is really easy. The first step is to reach out to us, in-person, over the telephone, or via email. Let us know what you need or ask us for advice on the best way to proceed. One of our experts will come and take a look at the property and offer some advice as to your options and likely budget for the work that’s required.

Once you are comfortable with the scope of the work, we will prepare a detailed quote that itemizes all material and labor. This helps you compare our prices with other roofing contractors in Naperville, IL.

If you decide to accept our quotation, call us and we will book you into our diary. Once a deposit has been made for the work, we can order materials and start planning the job.

We will confirm your roofing job once the downpayment has been received and we have agreed on a date for the work to commence.

On the day, our roofing experts will go about their work in a fast, professional, and efficient manner, so you can relax while we take care of the heavy lifting.

Working with TrekRoofing is a painless process, whether it’s your home or a commercial building. Call us today for a quote or to discuss your needs!