Roofing in
Evanston, IL

Building construction is all about getting the details right. When it is put together in a shoddy fashion, it won’t stand the test of time. Of all the various elements of a building, the roof stands out as both essential and one part that you never want to suffer from early deterioration. It doesn’t matter whether it is a commercial structure or a residential home, you want the weather elements to stay external, so the occupants can stay protected inside. As well as offering shelter from the wind, sun, and more, it matters that the building is well insulated too. This way, it is cooler during hotter months and retains the warmth for longer when the temperate gets nearer to freezing. 

While a good roof can last for many years, it won’t last indefinitely. However, when properly maintained, it has the maximum possible lifespan. Fixing roofs that are damaged in a storm and ensuring they are inspected every year for issues avoids problems. Working with roofing contractors in the Evanston, IL area is sensible. 

Trekroofing is based in Evanston and has operated within this industry for over 15 years. Family-owned, we pride ourselves on providing an affordable, professional service as part of our core mission. 

Trekroofing provides many different roofing services. We offer roofing solutions to a professional standard for both homeowners and commercial premises. Our pricing is competitive and includes a roughly 10 percent discount on our other competitors in Evanston, IL.

Trek Roofing Services

Our team at Trekroofing appreciates that roofing is not one solution for all problems. Indeed, a different solution must be found depending on the respective customer’s roofing issue. Our experience and wide-ranging services allow us to choose the perfect solution. It doesn’t matter whether the current roof can be adequately repaired or if a completely new roof will be needed as a replacement, our customized services get matched to the specific requirements of each project.







Roof Repair Services

Trekroofing has a local reputation for excellence when it comes to repairing damaged roofs. Any repair or new roof should be seen as an investment in the future value and security that a property provides whether that’s a residential home or a roof for a commercial building. Not getting regular maintenance carried out means there’s an increased chance of roofing problems later. It’s a common problem that a roof may have holes due to fast wind speeds and lost shingles. Other times, roofing materials stay on the roof but have been dislodged leaving a gap. Once a gap is present, that part of the roof can become increasingly damaged through bad weather until it worsens into a hole. Smaller holes may let some water in when it rains, but larger ones cause substantial water flow into the structure below and affect the insulation for the building too. We work on roofs as our focus in Evanston, IL, so our employees at Trekroofing have many years of experience dealing with the common problems with roofing. We’re capable of fixing any holes discovered on a building’s roof. Sealing off the roof to stop water leaking is something that we’re experts at handling. This avoids a panic from water leakage and will resolve temporary insulation problems from the hole once it’s been fixed. Energy won’t be wasted on heating or cooling. We can repair many roofing materials – we’re not limited to working on only residential roofs or just commercial ones. We have the knowledge to work on either and our experts have previously repaired many types of roofs, plus resolved a loss of granules, shingles, gutters, and other related materials involved with roofing. Our team of experts can also perform inspections to troubleshoot a roofing issue, diagnose it, and make recommendations about what repair method and materials should be used to fix it.

How We Work

Here at our Trekroofing office, our team appreciates what’s involved with good roof installations, the repair of a problematic roof, and where proper maintenance makes all the difference. We tailor our services to be simple to understand and expedient too. Having been in business for over 15 years and run as a family operation, we value clear pricing and honesty that assures our customers. Every roofing job is inspected and considered as a separate case. This helps clarify what tasks are needed to be performed. Our procedures include a consistent step-by-step model for common issues to avoid missing anything important and to let our specialists at Trekroofing provide a long-lasting solution.

  1. Firstly, we discuss the matter through a consultation process. Our expert attends the property – be it a residential home or a commercial building – asks relevant questions and completes their inspection.
  2. Secondly, a quotation is delivered for our roofing services in Evanston, IL, and provided for your review.
  3. Thirdly, following your acceptance of the quote, we dispatch further information confirming how and when the roofing project will begin. An initial down payment is required before we commence.
  4. Lastly, when all is confirmed, our contractors in Evanston, IL attend the property on the agreed-upon date to begin providing the roofing services agreed to. Our team works professionally to provide timely and absolute results expected within the expected time to avoid losing roofing protection for longer than necessary. With the repair and insulation resolved, life will return to normal.