Roofing in
Bloomington, IL

Does your commercial roof need replacing? Are you having problems with your residential roof? If you have answered “yes” to either of those questions, TrekRoofing Bloomington, IL, can help. 

We are a family-run roofing contractor in Bloomington, IL and we have a long list of satisfied customers in the Bloomington area. Our business has been in operation for more than 10 years and we are well-known in the Bloomington area. If you want a reliable, honest, and hardworking team of roofing contractors working on your residential or commercial roof, give us a call today – we can help!

TrekRoofing regularly works with residential and commercial clients, repairing, maintaining, and replacing their roofs. Whatever type of roof you have, we can work on it.

The team at TrekRoofing is familiar with all types of modern roofing solutions, from flat roofs and TPO roofs to energy-efficient roofs and sheet metal roofs. We repair, maintain, and install roofs of all shapes and sizes. Our prices are always the most competitive in Bloomington, so if you are working with a tight budget, contact us today.

Trekroofing Services

No two clients need the exact same solution to their roofing problem and no two roofing installations are the same. Here at TrekRoofing, we understand that there should never be a one-size-fits-all approach. We treat each job as a one-of-a-kind and our services are always customized to suit your requirements and budget. TrekRoofing offers a full range of services for residential and commercial clients. We work with homeowners and businesses of all sizes in Bloomington. Whether you need a small hole repairing or a tree collapsed on your factory roof during a bad storm, our experiencing team of roofers in Bloomington, IL, is here to help. The main services we offer to customers in Bloomington include:







Roof Maintenance Services

Roof maintenance is extremely important. If you don’t maintain your roof, it will develop problems in time, problems that you won’t spot until it is too late. Poorly maintained roofs tend to break down and leak. They are also less likely to last as long as roofs of a similar age. Implementing a regular roof maintenance schedule means you can be proactive when issues are spotted. Instead of waiting for a small problem to balloon into a major and expensive problem, you can get the work done in a timely fashion. We recommend all our residential and commercial customers book a regular maintenance check for their peace of mind. It’s far more cost-effective and less disruptive in the long-run. TrekRoofing offers a comprehensive roof maintenance service in Bloomington, Illinois. When you sign up for the TrekRoofing scheduled maintenance service, we will come and check your roof at least once a year. During a scheduled roof maintenance check, a qualified roofing expert from TrekRoofing will inspect the exterior of your roof, looking for signs of wear and tear, damage, and any other issues. We will also examine the interior of the roof, to check the level of insulation present, as well as other problems, like vermin infestations. During a routine maintenance check, our expert team of roofing professionals will check gutters, downpipes, and other roof structures. If problems are found, our engineer will let you know immediately and provide a detailed quote so you can make an informed decision about whether to proceed with the work or ask other roofing companies to provide a quote. We are always happy to fix problems on the day if the issues are relatively minor, but the decision is yours. We believe our work speaks for itself, so you won’t need to deal with any pushy sales pitches!

Roof Inspection in Bloomingdale

 It’s very important to get your roof inspected.

Your roof should be regularly inspected for any issues or damage. While smaller issues may not seem like a big deal, they will likely become worse over time if they aren’t addressed. This means more repairs needed down the line—which in turn means a higher cost for repairing your roof. Having a damaged roof is also dangerous, so it’s important to have your roof inspected for the safety of your family and you.

In order to avoid major damage in the future and catch lesser problems before they get worse, make sure you have a roof inspection performed regularly.

We inspect a variety of roofing systems that include:

  •   Flat roofing
  •   Shingle roofing
  •   TPO roofing
  •   Infrared roofing systems
  •   Masonry roofs
  •   Modified Bitumen roofing systems
  •   PVC roofing

Whether it’s a commercial or residential property, if you have a roof over your head, we are able to inspect it!

There are some more common problems that we uncover when inspecting roofs. These include leakage, holes, and membrane misalignment. These issues may be caused by improper waterproofing, strong winds, heavy storms, and more.

No matter what led to the damage, it will only get worse over time. A regular roof inspection will allow you to catch any problems with your roof before they get worse. This will, in turn, save you money, time, and frustration.

When analyzing your roof, there are a few things that a roofing specialist will consider. These include:

  •   A loose membrane on your roof.
  •   Issues with your roof coating.
  •   Shrinkage or degradation that has damaged your roof.
  •   Leakage and waterproofing problems.
  •   The interior roofing system of your commercial or residential building.

Once the inspection is complete, a full report will be filled that mentions any issues that were found during the inspection. Once it’s been reviewed, a specialist can address the issues that came up.

Remember: all of these costly issues will only get worse over time. They won’t fix themselves. As they get worse, more and more repairs will be needed to take care of the damage. Instead, you’ll want to get your roof inspected so the damage can be repaired quickly.

Not only is a damaged roof costly, but it is also dangerous. Make sure you have your roof inspected for damage regularly for your own safety and the safety of your loved ones.

Having been around for over 15 years, Trekroofing is able to expertly inspect your roof and repair any damages. We hire only the best contractors, and we have an excellent track record.

If you would like your roof inspected, give us a call! A consultant will discuss the process and any issues you may be having with your roof with you. The next steps can then be determined.

Reach out to Trekroofing today to learn more about the inspection process, and how our experts can inspect and repair your roof with ease. We look forward to speaking with you about your roof!

TPO Roofing in Bloomingdale IL

If you have a commercial building and you are looking for a quality, popular roofing option, you may want to consider TPO roofing. There are some major advantages to TPO roofing that makes it a great choice both for businesses and homes.

Whether you choose TPO roofing or any other type of roofing, Trekroofing is happy to help you with the installation process. We employ top experts that are able to quickly install your roof with ease.

What is TPO Roofing?

The abbreviation “TPO” stands for thermoplastic—which is an energy-efficient roofing solution that is low-slope. Thermoplastic material is well-known for being both durable and sturdy. It is made up of high-quality, strong materials.

TPO can contain membranes that combine multiple materials. A couple of the most common materials are ethylene-propylene and polypropylene. These two polymers are mixed together in a special blend to produce the material used for TPO roofing solutions.

Some of the other materials TPO roofing may be made up of include:

  •   Flame-retardant materials that reduce the risk of fires.
  •   Pigments that are used to achieve a specific roof color.
  •   UV absorbers to help with temperature regulation and absorb UV rays from the sun.

As white is a more reflective color, most TPO membranes used for commercial buildings are white. While this is the case, there are other color options that are available to better match your building.

Why TPO Roofing?

TPO roofing is an excellent option for commercial and residential buildings. There are many advantages, which include color customization, ability to be made flame-retardant, puncture resistance, cold temperature flexibility, tear strength, and heat aging. If you are looking for a sturdy roofing material, TPO roofing may be the choice for you.

Another major advantage of TPO roofing is that it doesn’t degrade with animal fats, vegetable oils, or hydrocarbon oils. This makes it a great choice for factory facilities where food is being prepped.

With TPO roofing, you won’t have to worry about an infestation or exposing staff members in your facility to dangerous microorganisms. TPO roofing material is resistant to microorganisms.

TPO roofing is customizable—which makes it an excellent option for a variety of different properties. It is also heat resistant, which can help to keep cooling costs down for buildings that run hot. Less heat is absorbed from sunlight with TPO roofing, allowing a building to stay cooler.

With all of the major advantages that come with TPO roofing, it’s definitely an option that you’ll want to consider when picking the right roofing material for your residential or commercial property.

If you would like to learn more about TPO roofing and its advantages, reach out to Trekroofing today. We’d be happy to discuss TPO roofing with you, as well as other roofing materials that may be the right choice to meet your roofing needs.

How We Work

We are very much aware that the whole process can be taxing for the client, be it roof repairs, regular maintenance, or a complete roof replacement/installation. At Trekroofing, we have a business and work model that has been designed around prioritizing the client’s comfort and quality of work, above all else. To maintain the standards that we live up to, each of our projects is carefully analyzed, discussed, and planned with the customer’s needs, budget, and specific requests in mind. Follow the steps as detailed next to know just how convenient it can be to get the roof repaired, replaced, or installed with Trekroofing.

  1. Contact us and book an inspection session first, by requesting a consultation with one of our roofing experts in Skokie, IL.
  2. Trekroofing’s representative roofer will come in at the agreed-upon meeting date and time to inspect the roof(s) or property.
  3. They will need to ask a few questions to determine everything that they need to and leave for the time being.
  4. We will soon send a personalized quotation for the project (commercial/residential) so that you can review it.
  5. Post acceptance of our quotation, all steps, and details regarding how we can start the project will be sent to you.
  6. An agreed-upon down payment request will reach you as well, alongside the details of the project.
  7. After confirming the down payment, our roofers in Skokie, IL will reach your property on the agreed-upon date and start immediately.

Our roofers are experts that have been in the industry for multiple decades, so you can expect swift, efficient work with minimum downtime, whether it’s a roof repair job, a partial/complete roof replacement job, or a new roof installation project in Skokie, IL.