You want to protect yourself and your loved ones inside your home. This is why you have alarm systems, security gates, and other elements that improve protection from external factors. One element of the house that many people overlook when it comes to protecting everyone in their home is the roof. 

Your roof essentially provides coverage against all weather conditions. When it rains or if it starts to snow, your roof acts as a barrier between these weather conditions and everything on the inside. Your roof helps to keep the wind out of your home too. In addition to these benefits, your roof also contributes to the insulation of your entire home. When the roof is built properly and adequately maintained, temperature regulation will be more convenient during all times of the year. 

Trekroofing offers residential roofing in Chicago, Illinois. We have been providing our services to residential customers in the area for the past 15 years, and we continue to strive toward offering professional roofing solutions at more affordable prices. Trekroofing believes that a roofing company should be based on honesty, transparency, and delivering what is expected from them. We do not only help you put a roof over your family’s head – we help you make it secure, safe, and more effective at serving its purpose.

Residential Roofing Services Offered By Trekroofing

When it comes to roofing, the experts at Trekroofing has a lot of experience and expertise. This is why residential customers have been trusting Trekroofing for more than a decade with their roofing needs. Trekroofing is a family-owned business – we believe in providing more value to each and every customer, and being transparent about what we offer, what you should expect, and, often more importantly, how much you will be paying.

We offer different roofing services that are targeted at residential clients. This ensures you have a variety of services to choose from, based on the specific needs that you have. Whether you need to have a roof replaced, a new roof installed, or require some repair services to the existing roof on your residential property – Trekroofing can help!







Residential Roof Installation

Your family needs a roof above their heads – which protects them against those cold windy nights, rain, snow, and many other weather conditions. A roof not only keeps the cold out but protects your family against the sun during the day.

The installation of a roof often seems like a tedious task. Homeowners who decide to build a new home for their family need to take many things into consideration when it comes to installing a roof. One of the most critical factors is the type of roof that will be installed. There are certain roofing solutions that simply work better than others – providing improved insulation for your home, while also ensuring external weather conditions do not interfere with your family’s ability to continue their daily lives inside the house.

Some of the roof installation services that we offer include:

  • Residential shingle roofing
  • Residential flat roofing
  • TPO roofing
  • PVC roofing
  • EPDM roofing
  • Sheet metal roofing
  • Modified Bitumen roofing

The best solution for your house depends on a few factors. Our contracts are able to assist throughout the entire process – helping you choose the roofing solution that is best for your house and, of course, your family. The contractors then help with the installation of the roof and ensure you are happy with the outcome of the project.

We are also able to assist with the installation of a new roof in cases where your existing roofing system is giving you too many problems. Our professional team members will help to remove the existing roof that you feel unhappy with. We will then assist in helping you decide what type of roofing solution will offer you and your family a more pleasant experience indoors. This allows us to set up a contract to initiate the project – ensuring you can get back to living your lives without the need to worry about a roof that is giving you problems.

Why Trust Trekroofing With Your Residential Roofing Requirements?

When you have multiple companies to choose from when you find yourself in need of roofing services, the process of choosing one single provider can become quite a challenge. You are trusting this company with the roof that will provide coverage and security for your family and loved ones, after all.

Family Owned

Trekroofing understands how important family is – we are a family-owned business, in fact. Through the last 15 years, we have evolved and worked with many families – helping to keep roofs leak-free and in perfect condition. We have experts in the field, which ensures you get the best service offered in Chicago, Illinois.


Affordability is another factor to consider when looking for residential roofing in Chicago. At Trekroofing, we understand that it is not always possible to pull out large amounts of money for a simple roof repair job. This is why we always aim to provide affordable and competitive pricing to our residential customers.


Most customers find that we are, on average, 10% cheaper than our competitors in the area. This means you save money in the process. Even though we offer more affordable pricing, we still take the quality of the services we offer our clients seriously. We ensure the roofing solutions you need are done by a professional and to your exact expectations.