Commercial roofing in Chicago from Trekroofing gives you peace of mind that all belongings inside the building will be protected from external weather conditions at all times. Our solutions also help to provide better insulation and give your employees a better environment to work in. We offer different types of commercial roofing solutions to fit the specific needs that your business might have.

Just as roofing is an essential part of building a home, it also serves as a critical component in a commercial building. There is a lot at stake with commercial properties, especially when the roofing solution is inadequate. 

Your business has valuable items on the inside. Whether you own a manufacturing plant with machinery on the inside or a local office with computers, printers, and a lot of documents – a simple leak in the roofing system can become a serious problem. When leakage causes water to enter electrical equipment or documents, you may suffer a significant loss. 

Trekroofing Commercial Roofing Services

Trekroofing understands that your business depends on being open and providing customers with services to thrive in the modern world. Time is money – and when your roof is giving you problems, you need it fixed as soon as possible. 

Our commercial roofing in Chicago service list includes everything that your business needs to ensure there are proper isolation and no leakage in your roof. We offer various services that you can choose to make use of – all services are also customized to the requirements of your commercial roofing project. 

Commercial Roof Repairs

Problems with a roof on a commercial building can become a huge nuisance – to both the business itself and the customers. 

Consider a roof that leaks. Your waterproofing solution has worn off. When it rains, you find that water drips into your building. At first, only a few drops of water are noted when it rains. This is not going to last long – that seemingly small problem can quickly turn into a larger stream of water rushing into the building whenever it rains outside. 

When the water leaks onto the products you sell, they may become damaged. Machinery, computers, and other technological equipment may be damaged too. There are many other problems that can develop when this happens. 

Trekroofing offers a fast and effective roof repair service. This ensures you are able to get leakages in your commercial building’s roof repaired quickly – and with the right materials and tools. Our experts are able to waterproof your commercial building’s roof and fix any problems that are causing leakage at the moment. 

We do not only specialize in fixing leaks. At Trekroofing, we have experts that are able to help with any type of roof repair requirements you may face. Whether the wind has blown a part of your roof off or a tree has caused damage to the roof – Trekroofing’s professional team is able to help fix these problems quickly. 

Our team works fast, ensuring you can get back to business without experiencing further delays. 

Commercial Roof Installation

Many companies decide to expand – this could be to a new region or perhaps a larger facility. In these cases, you might consider building a new facility. When you order the construction of a building for your business, you have full control over the layout – giving you a more productive environment. 

Your building will need a roof, of course – which is where Trekroofing comes into the picture. If you need a new roof installed, then we have the professionals, the expertise, and contacts with the right suppliers to get the job done. 

We can assist in the installation of various roof types on commercial buildings. We do both commercial shingle roofing and commercial flat roofing. These solutions offer you a range of options to choose from, depending on the layout of your building. 

Our roofing experts are able to help you with the analyzing process too. If you are unsure what roofing solution will be most effective for your commercial building, then get one of our professionals to assist in the process. The professional will come out to your location and assess your building’s structure. They will then explain to you what type of roofing solution will work best for the building. 

Once the right roofing solution is chosen, we can proceed with the project and help you get a roof on the new commercial building as quickly as possible. This helps to ensure your business can start operating in the new building faster – ensuring you do not experience a significant downtime before you can start serving your customers. 

Commercial Roof Maintenance

The maintenance of a commercial roof can be one of your company’s most valuable assets. Proper maintenance done to a roof on a regular basis helps to identify problems with your building’s roofing early on. 

Small holes tend to become bigger with time. This leads to more leakage and, of course, a more significant amount of damage. Fixing the problem when it is still small and insignificant means you can save your business thousands of dollars. 

Trekroofing also specializes in providing maintenance plans for businesses looking for commercial roofing in Chicago solution. Once you decide to take advantage of our maintenance services, we will ensure a specialist goes out to your building frequently. The specialist will conduct a thorough investigation and assess the overall structure of your roof. 

The commercial building’s roof will be inspected for holes, damage, areas that may have lifted, and for smaller areas that may cause leaking. Your waterproofing solution will also be inspected. If any faults are identified, the specialist will report these to you. We can then help in fixing these problems as soon as they are identified by the specialist. In turn, you end up with fewer worries about needing larger scale roof repair services in the future. The maintenance service can be requested as frequently as your business needs it. 

Why Choose Trekroofing For Your Commercial Roofing Needs?

When it comes to roofing, the experts at Trekroofing has a lot of experience and expertise. This is why residential customers have been trusting Trekroofing for more than a decade with their roofing needs. Trekroofing is a family-owned business – we believe in providing more value to each and every customer, and being transparent about what we offer, what you should expect, and, often more importantly, how much you will be paying.

We offer different roofing services that are targeted at residential clients. This ensures you have a variety of services to choose from, based on the specific needs that you have. Whether you need to have a roof replaced, a new roof installed, or require some repair services to the existing roof on your residential property – Trekroofing can help!







Residential Roof Installation

Your family needs a roof above their heads – which protects them against those cold windy nights, rain, snow, and many other weather conditions. A roof not only keeps the cold out but protects your family against the sun during the day.

The installation of a roof often seems like a tedious task. Homeowners who decide to build a new home for their family need to take many things into consideration when it comes to installing a roof. One of the most critical factors is the type of roof that will be installed. There are certain roofing solutions that simply work better than others – providing improved insulation for your home, while also ensuring external weather conditions do not interfere with your family’s ability to continue their daily lives inside the house.

Some of the roof installation services that we offer include:

  • Residential shingle roofing
  • Residential flat roofing
  • TPO roofing
  • PVC roofing
  • EPDM roofing
  • Sheet metal roofing
  • Modified Bitumen roofing

The best solution for your house depends on a few factors. Our contracts are able to assist throughout the entire process – helping you choose the roofing solution that is best for your house and, of course, your family. The contractors then help with the installation of the roof and ensure you are happy with the outcome of the project.

We are also able to assist with the installation of a new roof in cases where your existing roofing system is giving you too many problems. Our professional team members will help to remove the existing roof that you feel unhappy with. We will then assist in helping you decide what type of roofing solution will offer you and your family a more pleasant experience indoors. This allows us to set up a contract to initiate the project – ensuring you can get back to living your lives without the need to worry about a roof that is giving you problems.